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Competition Header Installation
competition mod header

15 Degree Competition Eliminator Header

Header F Econo Dragster
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Performance Welding Racing Headers has a few basic suggestions when installing your competition headers:

It is advisable to make sure your competition headers fit your particular race car before using any silicone or anti-seize compound by giving them a quick mock up check for clearance in your chassis.

All our headers are surface ground on the backside of the exhaust flange and it is your option to use a gasket or not. If you choose not to use a gasket, it is required that you use a thin bead of high temp silicone to seal the header flange to the port. Carefully run a thin bead around each header port approximately 1/8" to 1/4" away from the header port, wipe the silicone bead flat with your finger making sure not to allow silicone to enter the header port area. The high temp silicone will not burn off if it enters the port area so you must be sure not to shroud the exhaust port exit or header tube entry with any silicone. If you choose to use a gasket, check that the gasket does not shroud the port or header tube entry.

It is easier to install your merged collectors if you do not completely tighten your header flange bolts; this allows the primary tubes to slightly move if necessary.

It is suggested that you coat the inside of your merged collectors with an anti-seize compound where the primary tube enters the collector. This allows the collector to move during the extreme tire shake a high horsepower car can create, and allows ease of removal.

Slide your merged collector on the primary tubes, install the supplied collector springs, and tap lightly and evenly with a rubber hammer or block of wood at the outlet of the collector, making sure it is completely seated on the header primary tubes. Then you may go back and finish tightening your header flange bolts.

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