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Competition Merged Collectors

competition mod header

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Performance Welding Racing Headers has proved time and time again that a competition racing header must have a true merge collector. In order to keep the scavenging capabilities of the header efficient, the exhaust speed must be kept high through the collector; the only way to accomplish this is with a merge collector. A merge collector is not a formed straight collector with a transition spear, while this style of collector does help by leading or directing the high speed exhaust gasses out of the primary tube, it does not enhance the scavenging affects that a merge collector can create. Most of the scavenging created in a competition header is done in the collector as this is where all the primary tubes are joined together. All our merged collectors are mathematically sized for your engine and racecar combination along with extensive trial and error. The throat of the collector is carefully sized along with the exhaust outlet length and degree of taper. This is how the final tuning can be done on a competition race header; it plays a very important role in the power band of your engine. Performance Welding has done extensive research and development with merge collectors and created combinations that have enhanced the power through the power band of a competition race engine. A merge collector is built using 4 tubes bent on a 15 degree angle, cut to form a pyramid inside, then tig welded inside and out and then debured. The throat of the collector and exhaust outlet taper and length are then chosen for your application. Our effort to build the best possible competition race header includes using merged collectors in all naturally aspirated applications. They are a must when trying to extract every horsepower from your racing combination. They not only increase Horsepower and Torque but their major role in a competition engine is to increase acceleration.