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Research and Development

Header Materials

Splayed Valve V6 Header

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Performance Welding Racing Headers are built with horsepower as our main concern. We use the widest radius tube possible for the particular application. This gives each primary tube the smoothest and most gentle bend possible to help your engine reach its maximum potential.

An Additional important factor to reach this goal, is the tube placement or layout. Performance Welding has a very efficient design that enables us to use mainly 6" radius tubing, this is the widest radius tubing available. We also have a particular layout in which the tubes are placed in the collector, even in a four-into-one header.

Our primary tube length is based more on a trial and error factor rather than a calculated length. We feel that this has been a far better way at creating a header that will accelerate faster down the racetrack, rather than what looks good on paper.

There are many more very important factors in accelerating a race car's mass, than making peak horsepower on the Dyno. This is one of the many reasons why we prefer our method.

Performance Welding only uses a true merged collector in all our competition headers. We have extensively changed the collector throat size and outlet taper and have come up with combinations that seem impossible on paper, but out-perform what should be correct on the racetrack.

Performance Welding is constantly at work building Research and Development headers and collectors. We have a wide array of very knowledgeable Competition Eliminator customers that help us with our development program. These customers put our headers through the rigors of Dyno testing and more importantly, of how well the header will perform on the racetrack.

We at Performance Welding feel that we try harder than any other header company to build you the best product for your particular combination, and the successes of our satisfied customers are the proven results.

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